Critique On Presidential News Conference

Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 10:31 AM
How many of you had the displeasure of watching the President's news conference last night? In order to get through it, many had to either drink two pots of coffee to stay awake or eye a bottle of vodka in order to deal with the fact that we have the village idiot running the country. The President's conference was long on wind and short on details. Delusional, the President began by stating that the stimulus package was working and created or saved jobs. Where exactly are these jobs that were created or saved? Could it be the creation of new government jobs? With 10% unemployment, how could he say that the stimulus is working? I thought the passage of the stimulus was a national emergency and that unemployment would never go above 8%. How could it with things such as an eight billion dollar choo-choo from Anaheim to Las Vegas or saving pestilence, such as that damn mouse in the San FranSicko bay area? That only thing that was stimulated was the pockets of special interests and political pay-offs.
The President then droned on and on about health care reform, using the same rhetoric as usual. Part of the legislation includes abortions being required coverage on both private and public plans. A major player is Planned Parenthood. Let us peruse that writings of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaert Sanger. On blacks, immigrants and indigents:"...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people.
On sterilization & racial purification: Sanger believed that, for the purpose of racial "purification," couples should be rewarded who chose sterilization. Birth Control in America, The Career of Margaret Sanger, by David Kennedy, p. 117, quoting a 1923 Sanger speech.
On the rights of the handicapped and mentally ill, and racial minorities:"More children from the fit, less from the unfit -- that is the chief aim of birth control." Birth Control Review, May 1919. This group is who the Democrats want as an ally? Nazi Germany would have been proud as they tried this very same philosophy of Eugenics. How about page 16 of health care legislation, which prohibits the sale of new private insurance policies after passage of the bill, forcing Americans to take the so-called public option under the penalty of a $1,000 fine for non-compliance. Is the this the United States or the United Marxist States? As the President stated, premiums have doubled, but let us take a look at the root of the problem. First, an estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently live in America and use medical services. This increases cost for the rest of us as hospitals and doctors pass on the loss to us. There are many frivolous malpractice suits, which increase cost. Endless government regulation also increases cost. CMS reimburses practitioners for half of what it cost to provide services and the losses are again passed on to us. If the federal government cannot run Medicare and Medicaid, should we give them another chance to really screw things up? He will use scare tactics such as losing health insurance if we don't act now or the fact that we spend $6,000 more than other countries and aren't any healthier. This is most interesting as many people come from around the world to seek treatment in the U.S. because they cannot receive adequate treatment in their own countries. We can control medical cost by eliminating non-emergency medical care for illegal aliens, cracking down on Medicare fraud, ending unnecessary regulation and capping malpractice suits. The most offensive section of the health care bill, is the section giving preference of funding to those medical schools give people of color preference of admission. I want a doctor who is good at their job, not some dummy that got into school because of affirmative action! This is an obvious attempt to backdoor reparations to people of color, equally offensive.

The public option is not an option as it will push out private insurance and push the people on to the public option. Should we have our government decide who lives and who dies? Should we give the government permanent control over one-sixth of the economy? Do want to wait in an ER bleeding to death, while the staff are forced to take the person with the cold before you? Do you want to be told that you will not receive Chemo because you are too old have nothing to give to the collective? How about waiting a year to receive a life-saving operation, in the hopes of the government that you will die beforehand, saving money? If the current version of health care reform passes, this is what you will face. The President spent much of his time demonizing Republicans, doctors and insurance companies. The true demon is our own government for not enforcing current law regarding medical care for illegal aliens, Medicare fraud and Medicare reimbursements. If the government is permitted to control health care, they are in the position to decide who lives and who dies, therefore, ending many rights that we hold dear under the threat of death. How does forced sterilization sound? Obama's Green Czar advocates that ideal. Democrats often accuse Republicans of standing up for the rich. They are right. The rich create jobs! So, why wouldn't we? That's common sense, which Democrats are severely lacking in.

The President then droned on about financial reform. Of course Obama demonized Wall Street, but left out the share of the responsibility of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Even with the so-called stimulus plan, credit markets are still frozen, banks and credit card companies are increasing and creating fees and executives are receiving huge bonuses approved by Congress. Only after public outrage did Democrats feign opposition.

By the grace of God, the news conference was almost at an end as the vodka started to hit me. The President ended the conference by speaking about the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates. He eluded to the fact that it was racial bias even with the facts that the arrest was justified due to the professor's disorderly conduct, as backed up by the officer's report. Even Bill Cosby was less than pleased with the President's statement. There was no evidence of racial bias, however, there was evidence of the professor's disorderly conduct.
The President may have good intentions, but some of the worst things done by mankind were done with good intentions. Is he a Marxist or Fascist? I guess we will find out when we are sitting in concentration camps for disagreeing with the Anointed One.

ACORN: A Culture of Corruption

Monday, June 29, 2009 at 2:57 PM
ACORN was born out of the 60's leftist movement, founded by Wade Rathke who was later fired for embezzlement; this firing only took place after being exposed by the media. ACORN has always had issues with obeying the law, but it was only after the Obama campaign that ACORN's true corrosive and corrupting nature was exposed. Allegations span from ACORN using Mafia-like tactic to get the job done, such as threats, intimidation, race baiting or registering dead or ineligible voters. Currently, ACORN is being investigated by twenty states for such allegations. The House of Representatives were speaking of investigating ACORN, but mysteriously John Conyers(D), of the House Judiciary Committee, stated that the investigation of ACORN would not go forward because of powers that be. Who could those powers be other than President Barack Obama, considering he worked for ACORN and it was widely alleged that ACORN committed fraud during the Obama campaign; not widely known, is the fact that ACORN received money from the Obama campaign. The New York Times was going to do a story on on the Obama/ACORN connection, regarding the allegations of corruption, but the story was killed by pressure from unnamed persons.
Let us not forget ACORN's share of responsibility for the sub-prime mortgage crisis, where ACORN coerced banks into lending to those who didn't qualify for a loan under the threat of race baiting. It is no wonder that congress does not want to investigate ACORN, considering the allegations of corruption and fraud during the Obama campaign, to protect their "Dear Leader" or the fact that congress has given ACORN millions only to use the funds to to commit crimes.
ACORN is no different than organized crime, in fact there are pending RICO charges against the organization. ACORN was born out of the movement from Hell, the leftist movement, and if they are not stopped, they will bring Hell with them.